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Strong Ratings

Season 3 of Beyond Scared Straight premiered on Dec 8th.  Based on the ratings provided by TVbytheNumbers, the show pulled in 2.1 million viewers, 0.9 being in the Adult 18-49 group.  Compared to the other shows that aired that Thursday night, Beyond Scared Straight did very well with ratings.  If it wasn’t for a football game and a couple of Christmas themed movies, Beyond Scared Straight would have been the top rating show for the night.


Controversial Shows

Here is a list of controversial shows, past and present.  As stated in a previous post, controversy can act as a double-edged sword; it can help a show gain ratings or help it get cancelled.  From these shows, which are the ones that got hurt by controversy?

Beavis and Butthead (1993 – 1997) – promotes dangerous behavior, violence, sex

The Simpsons (1987 – Present) – Bart (poor role model), dysfunctional family

Ren and Stimpy (1991 – 1996) – violence, harsh language

Cops (1989 – Present) – focuses on crime among poor

The Smothers Brothers (1967 – 1969) – racist, Vietnam War

Married…with Children (1987 – 1997) – sexist, dysfunctional family

Southpark (1997 – Present) – harsh language, violence, dark humor

Family Guy (1999 – 2002 & 2005 – Present) – racist, offensive language, violence

Jackass (2000 – 2002) – promotes dangerous behavior

$64,000 Question (1955 – 1958) – rigged quiz show

Jersey Shore (2009 – Present) – promiscuity, binge drinking, portrayal of Italian-Americans

Expedition Robinson (1997 – Present) – Sinisa Savija committed suicide

Welcome to the Neighborhood (never aired)